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Sanctuary Review Nubbins Part 1

It's the Nubbins episode!!!! Aaaah, I love this one! Also, next ep is The Five, one of my faves! So with that statement of non bias, let's get on with the review!

Wait wait, let me first say that it's hard to find any deep meaning in this ep, though I do try. So a lot of this ep is gonna be mainly me lol'ing and making obscure references to obscure movies. Final thoughts are a bit more serious, as per usual, so you can skip to that if you want to be a party pooper.

S01E06 Nubbins

Establishing shot - Abandoned ship - night
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Sanctuary Review Folding Man Part 2

Part 1 was here.

Act 3

They find blood from an FM at the murder scene. There's a drug shipment coming in 9 hours, and Sanctuary has to get its act together yet.

"Who knew Nikola had so many fans!" "Let's watch another music vid. For research purposes..." "Um, guys, don't we have a drug shipment to find?"
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Sanctuary Review Folding Man Part 1

Here we are again, this time with S01E04. Same drill as last review.

Establishing shot - Oldcity(?) - night

We open on a couple thugs robbing a pawn shop. This certainly isn't Pawn Stars. Triggering of the silent alarm sends the thieves packing, but not before a robber caps the shopkeeper.
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